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Finding out if someone is married

Finding out if someone is marriedIf there is someone who has caught your eye in a party or at a friends place or at your workplace and you want to really go out with that person and cant wait till you ask her or him out, you must in fact make sure that this person is not already married and save heartbreak if you can find out if someone is married. To find out if someone is married is also the thing to do when you are planning to tie-up with a person that you met online. There is of course the old fashioned and straightforward method of looking for the ring on the left hand third finger in order to find out if someone is married. So the first time one starts eyeing someone in a gathering it would be a good idea to eye the finger for the ring to find out if someone is married.

In case you are not sure even if there is no ring on still wants to be more certain, there are of course several methods to find out if someone is married. In case you have met a person very recently and don’t have any real information about the person, the best idea would be to be straightforward and ask the person concerned about his or her marriage status. This is by far the most effective straightforward way of finding out if someone is married. This method no matter how simple is effective in case of new acquaintances. But there are chances that you get cheated. This however would be a completely futile effort in case someone is deliberately hiding ones marital status. In that case one needs to follow indirect ways. Asking the close ones and dear ones and relying on the social networking sites will be the simplest way to know some facts.

The next step to be taken is to ask around about the person to all his acquaintances, any common contact that you may come across in order to find out if someone is married. Asking to professional friends is of course a really good idea. The organization of a person is likely to have all details of a person including his or her marriage and hence it would be rather difficult for a person to conceal it from his or her professional acquaintances and contacts. This way you could find out if someone is married. You can also check with the official records of the person if you have an access to any source. Each state has its own legal authority of registration whose work is to register and document methodically the vital details of birth death and marriages of each of the inhabitants of the state. These documents may be accessed if required by following stipulated government procedures. If one cannot trust any other form of information then for him or her, this is the only dependable source to find out if someone is married. These records cannot be faked, are highly trustworthy and can be accessed by following specific norms. There are also online archives by some state authorities which may be accessed for such information.

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