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Check if someone is married

Check if someone is marriedIt is simple to check if someone is married when you are in a relationship and think that you have found the right person at last and want to get married right away. You must make sure that this happiness of yours should not turn into a nightmare when you discover something about the past of your prospective spouse. One must check if a person is married before committing into a relationship with the person concerned. Even if you are not planning to get married to someone’s partner it is a good idea to find out about the real marital status of a person. Nowadays, there are so many social networking sites on the internet, so many more dating sites and so many speed dating services and all these have so many imposters who fake their identities and more commonly their relationship status.

If in case you find out someone interesting from any of the social networking sites and you wish to be in a relationship with him or her you would definitely like to go ahead and find out if check if someone is married. When you with to go ahead with a person and fall in a relationship it is always a good idea to check if he or she is married from some secondary source of information. In order to check if someone is married one can resort to documents which are present with the government. Marriage records are essential documents kept with the government in a mandatory basis. So if one wants to check if someone is married then he or she has to have some relevant information regarding that person like his formal name and the country in which he could have been married. With these pieces of information, one can check if someone is married by putting across an application to the relevant government departments.

However if you believe in a straightforward manner then you might ask your prospective spouse or partner about their marital status and hope that they would not lie. However if someone is already intent on concealing the asking him or her would not do any good. In that case of course you would have to check if someone is married from a third party source like government documents and online sources. To know directly from the government through proper formats is time taking but dependable and it is convenient as the marriage records of a person fall under the kind of government documents that are available to the general public for their knowledge.

This information under public jurisdictions are being made public in most states so that they can be accessed and used by anyone in order to check if someone is married. It is also a good idea to use online sources in order to find out if some one is married. One would of course have to resort to this information in case they cannot check if someone is married by asking the common friends and contacts or colleagues. The words of mouth however are often not very dependable and hence one may resort to public documents.

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