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How to do a background check

How to do a background checkBefore one asks the question “how to do a background check?” one must be of course asking the relevant question “when to do a background check?” and why to do a background check?” The answers are of course exceedingly simple. In today’s world one could never be weary enough of imposters who fake their identities in order to serve some sinister motive or simply to cover up a dirty past. So you must run a background check on any person who could get potentially involved in any way, professionally or personally. You must know how to do a background check and do it as well before you hire a person or even become close in personal terms. To run a background check becomes especially important in case of employing a person for an important work in an organization. In case you plan to hire a new person in your organization or for household help, you should do a background check of that person. When the question is how to do a background check one must follow a few rules of thumb in order to be able to do a successful and effective background check on a persons past and present.

The first step to do a background check is to ask the person concerned for important and essential details like his name, his family name, his residence, his phone number, his social security number, his driver’s license, his passport etc. it would be a really tough job to fake an identity and fake so many records all at the same time. However, this is not enough and one must stop at this and does a background check on the person. You must ask for details of the person like which school he was educated in, which college he went to if he did, which state he was married in if he is married and the name of the spouse, where did he work before this etc. all these information can be checked via different sources. For example one could easily do a background check on person by checking with his former school and see if all the details match.

You may also ask for the photograph and details of a person from his educational institute or from his former employers in order to do a good background check. It is a rule of thumb to always ask for reference letters or notes from a former employer before employing a person. It is extremely good idea to personally communicate with the former employers of a person via mail or telephone in order to do a background check. In this way one must cross check the specific details involving the identity and past records of a person, his performance and conduct, and the reason for his discontinuance of service in each case. You must also do a thorough background check on the possibility of any criminal records that a person may be having. This can be easily found out with the authorities in the locality of residence and working of a person.

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