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Is she married?

Is she married?If you have suddenly met a person in the nearby bookstore, or a party, at a friends place or the local grocers or online or through a common friend or at a concert or an exhibition or play and if you suddenly have started liking her you can find out about is she married? You take a liking instantly and think you must date this girl. But you must be conscious and not fall prey to imposters. You must ask yourself the question is she married? You must always ask this to yourself and find out the answer for certain before you risk your emotions and sometimes even more (your security or your money) and fall head over heels for the girl. If you don’t know whether the girl you like is married, it does not essentially mean she has been untruthful to you or deliberately concealing. She might just not have mentioned it as you know each other too little and she most probably has no clue as to how much you like her and would want to take her out.

In such a case it is best of course to ask her straight away about is she married. If she is a simple honest lady who had no clue of your intentions you would get a straight answer. If you are too shy to ask her you could ask a friend or a relative who is also known to you. However, upon getting the reply as to negative if you still have your doubts you must take other steps in order to find out is she married or not. In order to find out is she married you need to ask around a bit more. Ask all her friends that you know and check her online profile for all the social networking sites. However if she is hiding her marriage her online profile wont help either. But inquiring at her office to check her professional details and talking to her colleagues might reveal is she married. Ask as many friends as you can get in touch with, especially try to contact people who she might not have been in contact recently.

They might be able to give you details as to if she had been married in the past in some other location. It would be very difficult to fake to everyone and thus some or the other common contact would reveal the marriage if there is one. One could run an online search or contact the office authorities for her details about, is she married. However, the most dependable method is to go for the public records. Nowadays there are several online service providers who provide information on marriage or divorce of a person in exchange of money extracting their information from legal documents of marriage of the government. This is accurate and reliable. The free sites may not be trusted and are not accountable for the information they provide. So if you have all her basic details like her name and which state she belongs to, finding if she is married is only a click away.

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